XURI - 6.76 oz PET Bottle (case)

Box Size:

XURI is the ideal companion to our Reed Diffuser bottles. Available in cases of 24 or 96, you can now include a refill which also fits perfectly in our Diffuser Boxes for retail. Lid is included.

Inner Diameter

Mouth inner diameter: 1.8 cm

Body inner diameter: 4.3 cm

Mouth inner diameter: 0.70 inches

Body inner diameter: 1.69 inches

Top Diameter  2.4 cm approx. 1.81 inches approx.
Outer/Widest Diameter 4.6 cm approx. 1.81 inches approx.
Bottom Diameter  4.6 cm approx. 1.81 inches approx.
Height  15.2 cm approx. 5.98 inches approx.
Weight  25cm approx. 0.88 inches approx.
Suggested Volume  200 g approx. 6.76 oz. approx.
Brimful Volume 210 ml approx. 7.10 oz. approx.
Inner Height 15 ml approx. 5.90 oz. approx.
Bottom Thickness 0.2 cm approx. 0.07 inches approx.
Wall Thickness

0.15 cm approx.

0.05 inches approx.

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