Every success starts with a dream.

As a brand inspired by passion, faith, and determination, Dream Vessels was established by Natalie King, the company's CEO. In a world where dreams can be elusive, Dream Vessels has found success by staying true to its passion and inspiring others through its humble beginnings as a simple candle-making business at home. It has been able to scale through one woman’s sustained belief that no matter what challenges arise, she will overcome them. Ultimately, she hopes Dream Vessels will help encourage others as well to pursue their dreams and achieve them regardless of how challenging the journey may seem.


Elevating your passion to achieve your dreams.

Dream Vessels exist to help you become the creator of your success. We aim to elevate crafters and makers into becoming Creators of not only premium handmade creations, but also of the dreams they hold most precious by providing luxury and quality products, a community of support, and outstanding customer service.

Dream Vessels was created to support every maker transform their passion and creativity into elegant/visually stunning and meaningful creations that can empower them and enhance the lives of others.


Be the vessels of your dreams.

Dream Vessels captures the essence of a dreamer's life in its name by offering the very essence of what makes people's desires a reality - confidence, creativity, and ambition!

The creative visionaries behind this brand are striving to bring people's dreams of success to fruition - which is what every business aspires to achieve.


Dream Vessels are committed to customer-centricity, building trust-based relationships with emphasis on transparency, fostering continuous engagement, ensuring quick fulfillment times considering how vital this is to their businesses, and consistently providing product innovations with class and elegance.


Dream Vessels hope to build an empowered community of makers by infusing their creations with elegance, providing them with resources needed to grow their business, and inspiring them to see themselves as more than just makers, but as creators of their own success.


D - DEDICATION: We take the extra mile to fulfill our customers' best interests with utmost priority.

R - RELATIONSHIPS: We foster relationships based on trust, honesty, and respect, encouraging equality and diversity.

E - EXCELLENCE: We never settle for anything less than excellence in giving quality and value. We commit to innovations.

A - APPRECIATION: We strive to make everyone feel validated for what they do and what they aspire to be.

M - MOTIVATION: We encourage a spirit of community where everyone can help each other succeed.

S - SOPHISTICATION & SIMPLICITY: We believe that elegant simplicity is a concept of sophistication.



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