AMARIS - Gloss Black


Amaris means 'gift from god' and this glass is really something special. With waves of perfection embossed around the vessel, this piece offers a weightlessly elegant and gracious vibe. Glass lid is included.


Inner Diameter 2.79 inches approx. 7.1 cm approx.
Top Diameter  3.14 inches approx. 8 cm approx.
Outer/Widest Diameter 3.14 inches approx. 8 cm approx.
Bottom Diameter  3.11 inches approx. 7.9 cm approx.
Height  3.81 inches approx. 9.7 cm approx.
Weight  425 g approx. 14.9 oz. approx.
Suggested Volume  210 ml approx. 7.10 fl oz. approx.
Brimful Volume 270 ml approx. 9.12 fl oz. approx.
Inner Height 0.59 inches approx.
1.5 cm approx.
Bottom Thickness 2.75 inches approx.
7 cm approx.
Wall Thickness 0.17 inches approx.
0.45 cm approx.

BROWSE: Available Colors Other Black Vessels.

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