ZEN - Gloss White


These luxury tin vessels were designed as a high end container for candles, however since a customer experienced a slight leakage at the seam after a 6 hour burn, we've been unable to recommend this beautiful vessel to be used for candles as they are.

One of our customers Jeff Standley who is a YouTube creator has shared his method for sealing these containers. So if you are in love with this design as much as we are, feel free to check out his video.

Sleek and simple in it's design, our Zen features a slim line pillow-top lid and a gold varnished interior, which helps to protect against rust.

Please note that our Zen vessels contain a seam, so we can only recommend them for use as a high end packaging of wax melts and other products.

Inner Diameter 3.77 inches approx. 9.6 cm approx.


3.93 x 2.76 inches approx.

10 x 7 cm approx.

Tin Weight 3.36 ounces approx. 95 grams approx.
Volume 15.2 fluid ounces approx. 450 ml approx.
Pallet Capacity 9 x 72 piece cases.

BROWSE: Available Colors | Other White / Crystal Clear Vessels.

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