SIONA - Tropical Luxe


Siona meaning 'Stars' is the largest vessel of our collection. Weighing in at a over 1.8 pounds and standing over 5 inches tall, Siona is sure to make a statement if selected to star in your range.


Inner Diameter 3.46 inches approx. 8.8 cm approx.
Top Diameter  3.93  inches approx. 10 cm approx.
Outer/Widest Diameter 3.93 inches approx. 10 cm approx.
Bottom Diameter  3.93 inches approx. 10 cm approx.
Height  5.11 inches approx. 13 cm approx.
Weight  28.04 oz. approx. 795 g approx.
Suggested Volume  16.23 fl oz. approx. 480 ml approx.
Brimful Volume 18.59 fl oz. approx. 550 ml approx.
Inner Height 3.74 inches approx. 9.5 cm approx.
Bottom Thickness 0.39 inches approx. 1 cm approx.
Wall Thickness 0.23 inches approx. 0.6 cm approx.

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