LUXA - Purple


Our LUXA vessel is what you get when you fuse elegant and stylish. The shiny finish catches your attention and the vivid colors reflect your personality.


Inner Diameter 2.63 inches approx. 6.7 cm approx.
Top Diameter  2.75 inches approx. 7 cm approx.
Outer/Widest Diameter 3.38 inches approx. 8.6cm approx.
Bottom Diameter  2.16 inches approx. 5.5cm approx.
Height  3.66 inches approx. 9.3 cm approx.
Weight  7.76 oz. approx. 220 g approx.
Suggested Volume  10.4 fl oz. approx. 310 ml approx.
Brimful Volume 12.1 fl oz. approx. 360 ml approx.
Inner Height 3.18 inches approx. 8.1 cm approx.
Bottom Thickness 0.43 inches approx. 1.1 cm approx.
Wall Thickness 0.05 inches approx. 0.15 cm approx.

BROWSE: Available Colors | Other Purple Vessels.

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