Fleur - Crystal Clear (case)

FLEUR - Crystal Clear - 6


Box Size

Product Description

Our Fleur vessel is a worthy contender for any chandlers product line. The pineapple has long been a symbol of self assurance, success, friendship, generosity, and hospitality.

Our pineapple candle jars will certainly be a collector item as we continue to expand our color range to keep things fresh and exciting for our Fleur loving fanatics.

Inner Diameter 7.8 cm approx. 3.07 inches approx.
Top Diameter  8.8 cm approx. 3.46  inches approx.
Outer/Widest Diameter 8.8 cm approx. 3.46 inches approx.
Bottom Diameter  4.6 cm approx. 1.81 inches approx.
Height  14.2 cm approx. 5.59 inches approx.
Weight  375 g approx. 13.22 oz. approx.
Suggested Volume  155 ml approx. 5.24oz. approx.
Brimful Volume 195 ml approx. 6.59 oz. approx.
Inner Height 5.6 cm approx. 2.20 inches approx.
Bottom Thickness 0.5 cm approx. 0.19 inches approx.
Wall Thickness 0.5 cm approx. 0.19 inches approx.


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