DIFFUSER BOTTLE - Peach Matte - 12

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Box Size:
Peach Matte Diffuser Bottle sold on its own.
Cap (pictured) and reeds are not included.

Our wholesale reed diffuser bottles are the perfect accompaniment to your candle range.

Each bottle holds approximately 6.8 fl oz / 200ml of liquid.

Mix diffuser base with fragrance oil, using the recommended ratio of the

Inner Diameter Mouth:    0.66 inches Mouth:   1.7 cm
Body:       2.91 inches Body:      7.4 cm
Top Diameter  1.06 inches approx. 2.7 cm approx.
Outer/Widest Diameter 3.30 inches approx. 8.4 cm approx.
Bottom Diameter  3.30 inches approx. 8.4 cm approx.
Height  3.14 inches approx. 8 cm approx.
Weight  10.5 oz. approx. 300 g approx.
Suggested Volume  6.76 fl oz. approx. 200 ml approx.
Brimful Volume 7.43 fl oz. approx. 220 ml approx.
Inner Height 2.79 inches approx. 7.1 cm approx.
Bottom Thickness 0.35 inches approx. 0.9cm approx.
Wall Thickness 0.19 inches approx. 0.5 cm approx.

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