Nokomis Home Fragrance: A Journey of Many Blessings!

Lymarie Owner of Nokomis Home Fragrance


These are the words our Maker of the Month for July said at the idea of starting her very own candle business. Lymarie Jimenez, the young-looking, inspirational 40-year-old woman, is the owner, the chandler, the maker, behind Nokomis Home Fragrance.

Lymarie is a pastry chef who originally came from Puerto Rico. She's lived in different places throughout her life so far as she became a chef, a mother, and now a candle business owner in Florida where she makes sustainable luxury home fragrance products.

Dream Vessles jar for Nokomis

The inspiration behind the brand

We can say that a lot happened in the year 2020, but for this inspiring, go-getter, fearless woman that is Lymarie, 2020 was her year of miracles. Blessings upon blessings came her way; an IVF baby named Nokomis was the inspiration for her brand.

Growing a baby and starting a business. Two things that only a fearless, goal-driven, confident woman can achieve at the same time.

As a mother, Lymarie didn't want to miss anything from her motherhood journey. The very first step, anything first for her child, she didn't want to miss any of it. She wouldn't experience it all if she was a pastry chef, so this brave woman started a side hustle, that's now grown into a full-scale business.

Lymarie has a very supportive husband who likes to have candles in every room of the house. She was so inspired to make candles on her own and so she said "I CAN DO THIS".

A full-year research followed, with testing multiple scents, wicks, and jars including the unique jars we offer at Dream Vessels. Lymarie researched the science behind candle making, all the different waxes and how they react, and all the things you need to know about making and selling candles.

The testing and researching phase is so important in building a business. As Lymarie says— "I wanna know what I'm doing because I want to do it well".

How culinary and candle making can co-exist 

With her skills and knowledge as a culinary chef, Lymarie considers candle-making to be not too much different! The science behind the two are similar.

"It's very similar to being a chef and chandler. There are recipes to follow, different wicks, waxes, and percentages of fragrance oils, it's both a science. Trying out recipes is a very common thing that chefs do and testing out waxes and fragrance oils is the same for me. I did not hate testing, I liked it so much. The foundation is very much the same. The tools are the same, weighing scale, heat gun, I already got this stuff."

The need to have a side hustle during her pregnancy leave is what pushed her with a lot of the ideas going on in her mind. This is girl power in the most trying times. Candle-making is really hard work. We can attest to that and that's what Nokomis Home fragrance represents today, a creative and driven individual who finds excitement in sharing her sustainable luxury home fragrances with the world.


Dream Vessels for Nokomis

How did you find Dream Vessels?

Dream vessel jars were what she used during her testing phase. She always uses DV Evoca for her holiday line today. They're stunning, and the uniqueness of vessels play a vital role in the candle business. "The candle when lit and how it glows in that vessel, it's just stunning. Vessels make a huge difference".

When asked if you would recommend Dream Vessels to a fellow candle business, the answer is a stunning "Yes, beautiful unique vessels, good prices, and now free shipping!!!"

A good supplier emphasizes the aesthetic of the products, and how it can represent you and your creativity as an individual. Dream Vessels offers a variety of candle jars that cater to the different styles and uniqueness of every candle maker out there.

What makes Nokomis Home Fragrance different?

Truly sustainable candles that are luxurious are her brand identity. From start to finish, she made sure that every single step was sustainable –100% plastic-free. Vessels are reusable. Fragrance oils are phthalate-free, and all boxes are biodegradable and printed with organic ink. Here's the best part, to lessen her carbon footprint; for every candle that is sold, she donates to one tree planted. She wants to give her customers an upscale experience. Everything she does is of quality and feels good and sustainable from start to finish.

"I wanted my child Nokomis to have a legacy that would make something different. I want to make a business not just for money, but a business that tries to make a difference".


Logo for Nokomis

On wholesale, her dreams and why competition is a good thing

Nokomis Home Fragrance was officially launched in June of 2021, and two weeks later, she was contacted by Whole Foods who wanted her candles to be put on display in their store. She was contacted via Instagram. Talk about grit, luck, and everything in between!

Instagram is a powerful tool. It can inspire others, market your business, communicate with fellow candle enthusiasts, and most importantly, it can provide a lot of networks, competitors, or not. Currently, Nokomis Home Fragrance is now in 30 Whole Foods stores and some other boutiques.

Is competition a good thing? It's a yes from Lymarie, as she states that if you don't have a competitor, you'll not strive to be better. She supports her competitors 100%. If you know yourself, your brand, and your identity in the candle market, you'll be able to survive. Brands are not the same; you have to answer a problem so you can sell. You have to be creative and innovative and make your competitors your inspiration.

Lymarie has just opened up her brick-and-mortar store. Congratulations to this awesome, brave, hardworking maker as she makes not only makes decisions that benefit herself but others as well. Her dream is to inspire other makers, provide for the family, grow her brand, hire more people and grow into a million-dollar business.

We're rooting for you, Lymarie!

You can find her and her products at and on social media @nokomishomefragrance.



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