Spark A Vibe Candle Co: A Self-Care Brand with Passion and Purpose


Ultimate peace and relaxation- this self-care goal inspired a young and creative licensed professional counselor to use her platform in supporting her clients on their journey to healing, recovery, and improved wellbeing.

Starting a candle business from her kitchen in the middle of the pandemic, Laurice Taylor-Seals launched Spark A Vibe Candle Co in May 2020 - a venture that is founded on her passion to promote self-care.

“I was committed to creating a calm and inviting atmosphere in my home because everything else seemed so chaotic in the world.”

As the pandemic hit her, Laurice lost her job, but as they always say when one door closes, another one opens. She dove headfirst, researching, experimenting, enjoying the process of candle making and venturing to be an entrepreneur. Today, this fiery female entrepreneur shares her passion to everyone to experience the holistic healing of aromatherapy and to gain awareness for the thing called "self-care".

            Candles from Spark A Vibe Candle Co


The Ups and Downs and Laurice's Way to Stand Out

The name Spark A Vibe was inspired by the idea of using candles to fill the home with fragrance, create a tranquil environment, and bring a sense of calm to anyone who needs uplifting.

As the sole owner of this business, Laurice has had a fair share of the ups and downs of candle-making. The candle industry today is booming, and with many competitors at hand, she makes sure to go above and beyond so that her brand stands out.

Her handcrafted, chemical-free, soy-based candles combined with a blend of unique, memorable fragrances are poured into spectacular candle containers by Dream Vessels - all made with love and care.

The result? High-quality candles that calm the mind, cheers up the heart, and inspire peace and balance. Bringing light to any room (and soul), these gorgeous products even double as beautiful home decor that truly elevates the space and brightens up the mood.

When Laurice started this amazing candle business, she wanted each process to contribute to the creation of a final product that was completely centered on holistic therapeutic care.

Candle burning makes any self-care routine so soothing. Every scent affects mood and stress, and burning fragrant candles helps you relax and stabilize your mood. Calming scents, like lavender, promote relaxation and play a role in the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. Energizing scents, like peppermint, help reduce stress and improve mental function.

Taking care of your mind, body and soul is self-care, and self-care is most definitely healthcare. This is what Spark A Vibe Candle Co stands for, and this is what the company will continue to passionately share with the rest of the world.

Dream Vessels products                                                         

Laurice's Favorite Dream Vessels            

Another day, another chance to sparkle. These candle vessels are so unique and elegant that they truly transform your space, allowing Spark A Vibe Candle Co to create an elevated candle experience that stands out from many others.

Laurice loves that some of her best-selling candle vessels include the Infinia gloss white, Fleur rose gold, Nova gloss white and Ziva rose gold and black glass candle jars - all of which are from Dream Vessels. She says the company has helped take her business to great heights by providing premium wholesale candle supplies. Customer service has always been a pleasure to work with, supporting a smooth flow of candle production.

Dream Vessels has been taking part in Laurice’s creation of a sophisticated luxury candle line and is happy to share products, knowledge, and resources that will further encourage self-care and inspire peace and calm in any space.

An enthusiastic entrepreneur and a committed counselor that she is, Laurice has more exciting plans for the future. She dreams of going all out with her candle business - bringing a wine business into the picture plus running a full warehouse and hosting fun candle-making events. This highly driven businesswoman would love to be recognized at a national level because she believes in further promoting mental health awareness and how candles truly work in healing, recovery, and boosting happiness.

A strong advocate for aromatherapy in holistic healing, Laurice encourages everyone to introduce scents into their space. Include candle-burning into a regular self-care routine to create ambiance, calm the senses, and uplift the mood.

Way to go, Laurice, we’re all rooting for you!

For chandlers, aspiring candle makers, and candle enthusiasts, here’s what the self-care brand founder would like to impart to you:

“Don’t give up! Research, practice and find joy in your craft even in your toughest days.”

If you’d love to see Laurice’s all-natural aromatherapy candles and set the mood in your own home, you can check out Spark A Vibe Candle Co on their official website and Facebook page.

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