Part 2 | Wicksy Candles April 2022 Maker Of The Month

A Wick To Make You Smile And Change People's Lives



Since day one, Wicksy Candles has been a customer-focus brand. It is a brand of homemade candles that is a product of Sophia Quiñones' business idea. Sophia is one of the candle makers who are on a mission to help people with their creations and positively impact their lives. She is one young entrepreneur with a BIG HEART to complement her BIG DREAMS.

Becoming a pro golfer is not just her sole dream. Sophia also aims to be a successful business owner by pursuing a business education in one of the Ivy League institutions. Armed with the determination to achieve her dreams, she also plans to make it big in the candle industry. Her goal is to build a brand that rivals Bath and Body Works. 

What keeps her going is her belief in herself.

"Making these goals happen and proving everyone, who has said that I couldn't do it, wrong; it's just getting me more fired up to do everything. When I think about it, I'm making it happen!"

Making Customers Happy

Wicksy Candles is a cute, catchy name that matches the brand's purpose of putting smiles on people's faces. A candle that would light up one's mood, an escape where a fragrance can take you to a different place.

With this in mind, Wicksy Candles offers its customers the freedom to choose their preferred fragrance oils and candle option as they order. Ask the customers questions specifically about scents and learn from their preferences. Offer more variety to cater to a bigger audience.

Sophia also added that she wants her customers to have good-looking products. It is one of the reasons why she chose Dream Vessels as her source of candle supplies. She viewed Dream Vessels as VERY UNIQUE not just because of the products but also because of the awesome people behind them.


Dream Vessels INFINIA and MOOD MOJO

Making An Impact

Sophia got her humanitarian inspiration from her mom. She wants her business to make a difference in people's lives, to touch lives by giving to people in need through different charitable organizations. In light of the crisis in Ukraine, Wicksy Candles' current initiative is to donate a portion of their sales to help the people out there.

Making and Learning

Sophia has been learning a lot through her journey, and she shares with us some of her motivational tidbits:

  • Go for it. Trust the process.
  • You are never too young or too old to start a business. You got to have determination.
  • Believe in yourself. That's going to get you far.
  • Make time to be committed to candle-making.
  • Be comfortable with your price.



Customer-Centric Marketing

Like Wicksy Candles, business owners should also look into customer-centric marketing to inspire more success, especially when selling online. Customer-centric marketing is the practice of putting the customer's needs and interests first in every interaction with your business, including delivery, promotion, and advertising.

According to, the three-key customer-centric marketing drivers are the following: the speed of the customer, x-commerce, and personalization beyond recommendations.

Moving at the speed of the customer

Brands should offer customers what they want, when they want it, and where they prefer to interact. Success means delivering what customers need at the moment.

Build for X-Commerce

"X-commerce," also known as "commerce anywhere," emphasizes enabling purchases wherever a customer is ready to make them. Be mobile. Commerce communication should be open across online platforms like social media. Offer various payment and delivery options such as contactless payment and BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later).

Personalization Beyond Recommendations

It is essential to create an appeal at every touchpoint of a customer's journey with your company. Offer personalized products or services based on the customer's behavior. The end goal is to make the customer experience simple, engaging, and memorable.






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