Zen Leakage Incident

This is an important announcement regarding our Zen tin vessels.

Dear Valued Customer, 

Please be informed that we have pulled the Zen vessel from our website for now, after a customer experienced a small wax leakage at the seam during a 6 hour burn today.
It appears there may be a number of tins in the batch that have not been sealed correctly during production, so unfortunately we can not guarantee that this will be an isolated incident.
We will be relisting the Zen to be used for the packaging of cosmetics / bath salts / lotions etc. We believe they will also make great packaging for wax melts.
Please note that this issue affects only the Zen. Our other tin vessels are all seamless.
We understand that a lot of you have purchased this product and we sincerely apologize for the worry and inconvenience this has caused. We would very much like to rectify this situation to the best of our ability whilst continuing to bring you our other amazing vessels.
If you have purchased the Zen containers, we would like to offer you to keep the vessels and we will issue you a 40% refund for them, plus a discount of 10% off your next order with us.
Alternatively, if you would like to return your unused box to us, we can offer to exchange it for a different item.
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to rectify this and we look forward to a successful holiday season ahead.
Best wishes to you all.



The DreamVessels Team. 

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