Good Bye Fontana, California

Natalie King

Posted on March 23 2019

On Tuesday afternoon, I received notice from our warehouse that they are terminating their contract with Dream Vessels, for reasons unknown at this stage.

This has come at a crucial time when our new inventory was due to set sail to us on Thursday, forcing me to notify my supplier to hold the shipment to allow me some time to find us a new facility.
From May 10, we will no longer be shipping orders from Fontana, California. I am working quickly to find us an alternative as soon as possible and I hope to have our new stock available and ready for ordering in 5 weeks time.
To prepare for the move, we will be launching a massive clearance sale this weekend and this will run right through until April 31. The stock sold during the sale will be restocked shortly after moving to the new facility.
Please take advantage of these low prices as we will be unable to offer them again after this period.
I will update you all as soon as possible with information on the new location and the ETA of our next shipment.
We appreciate your understanding and we hope that you'll support us during this transition by sharing the sale with any candle makers you may know. 
Yours gratefully,
The Dream Vessels Team.

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  • Rickey l Brown: January 22, 2020

    have you found a new place yet

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